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Chicago police have arrested a man after finding $10 million worth of drugs in his possession. According to police, the man is a known gang member. The drugs were apparently found during a search of his home. Police allege that they found around 50 pounds of marijuana and large amounts of crystal methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

In addition to the drugs, police say the 33-year-old had $47,000 in cash in his home. Two handguns were also found during the search. Finally, police say they found three cars at the man’s home — two of which the police accuse the man of using to transport drugs.

As a result of the search, the man will likely face multiple drug charges. He was being held by police pending a bond hearing.

While it may seem like the evidence is stacked against this man that might not be the case. Here the police searched his home. As part of his criminal defense, this man should ensure that this search was legally conducted.

In order for the search to be legal, the police likely needed a search warrant. This search warrant would have defined where the police could have searched. If the police did not obey the scope of the warrant, the entire search may be invalid. By working to suppress evidence found in the search, this man may be able to reduce the charges he faces.

This will be important since penalties for drug distribution or possession with intent to sell can be severe. They may include asset forfeiture, large fines and long prison sentences. These crimes can leave people with permanent criminal records which can make it difficult for people to move forward from the charges.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, “Chicago police seize $10M worth of drugs, guns,” Sept. 7, 2013


Officials from several different local, state and federal agencies are all responsible for investigating drug crimes. They are each tasked with carrying out investigations, gathering evidence and making arrests. Sometimes these agencies are looking to arrest those with the intent to distribute drugs and other times they are looking to arrest drug users.

In a recent Chicago case, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Chicago Police department worked together to investigate and arrest people suspected of drug distribution. According to police, the investigation took several months and took place in three different states. As a result of the investigation, 23 people are facing federal drug charges.

Police claim that these people were all engaged in trafficking narcotics in three separate locations in Chicago. During the investigation and the subsequent arrests, the officials allege that they obtained drugs, weapons and cash from the suspects.

This case acts as an important reminder to Chicago residents that police are always using their vast resources to track down people who are selling drugs. In particular, the authorities are looking to keep drugs off the streets and therefore try to find the source of the drugs. These investigations typically yield a lot of evidence, much of which can be used in court against those accused.

Those people charged with drug distribution can face serious penalties. These penalties can include fines, jail or prison sentences and others. In order to avoid these penalties, people should prepare an aggressive criminal defense. When many people are arrested at the same time, it is possible that the police just arrested and charged someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. By defending against the charges, people are able to tell their side of the story and may see reduced penalties as a result.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Police Charge 23 In Drug Distribution Ring,” June 20, 2013


Police departments will frequently work undercover to catch people committing crimes. While these operations can be small or large, they are very effective in obtaining arrests. In a recent undercover operation, the Elgin police department worked for more than a year to catch suspected drug dealers who were providing heroin to DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane and Cook counties. As a result of this investigation more than 80 people are facing drug charges.

This massive operation was the result of cooperation between the Kane County sheriff’s office, the FBI, the Kane County state’s attorney’s office and ICE. With both federal and state cooperation, these police have been very effective at arresting individuals. At this point, the police have arrested 52 people.

According to police the objective of this undercover operation was to disrupt the supply of heroin in the area. Police say that the drug charges range from felony possession charges to distribution charges. These charges can all lead to serious penalties for the accused including years in prison.

Drug trafficking, or drug sales charges are much more severe than drug possession charges. These charges carry life-long consequences. A variety of factors go into determining the severity of a drug distribution charge. These factors include the type of drug sold, the amount sold, how close the transaction was to a school or park and if children were targeted.

Those accused of drug charges should understand which, if any, of these factor police are claiming took place in their particular case. By understanding the charges, people will have the best chance at defending against them.

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