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Being accused of drug crimes can carry serious consequences. Those who are charged with crimes such as drug trafficking, drug possession or intent to distribute may face stiff fines or possible jail sentences. Anyone faced withdrug charges should know how to fight the charges.

Police conducting a narcotics trafficking investigation in southeast Chicago began surveillance on a man’s rental truck when they learned that the non-refrigerated vehicle had frozen strawberries as its cargo. Authorities approached the man, who cooperated with authorities. When a Chicago Police K9 unit inspected the containers, cannabis was allegedly discovered hidden among the containers of fruit. Authorities also claimed to find a handgun and more cannabis hidden in pots of frozen strawberries at the man’s residence and a South Side of Chicago warehouse.

More than 2,500 pounds of cannabis hidden in more than 1,000 pots of frozen strawberries was uncovered. The estimated street value of the drugs is $6.8 million. According to authorities, the drugs were to be distributed to local street gangs, but it’s unclear how they came to this estimation. The man has been charged with possession of more than 5,000 grams of cannabis.

Felony drug charges can carry heavy penalties. Anyone who is charged with a drug offense should investigate the charges, learn about the possible penalties and find out if alternative options such as drug diversion programs are possible in their particular circumstances. Alternatively, a plea bargain might be negotiated. It’s also important to determine whether police surveillance was done within the scope of the law. Sometimes corners are cut.

Source: CBSChicago, “Man Charged With Hiding Pot In Frozen Strawberries,” Nov. 29, 2012


Sam Hurd, formerly a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, faces four additional federal drug charges after he recently failed to complete a plea bargain negotiation based on the original charges. The original charges included drug conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute. The plea bargain would have had Hurd entering a guilty plea to a conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute charge, which could have seen him serving 10 years in prison.

The new charges against Hurd stem from a June 6 incident in which he allegedly attempted to obtain between 50 and 100 kilograms of marijuana, and more than 5 kilograms of cocaine. On the same day, his cousin was arrested for an alleged attempt to purchase drugs. According to Hurd’s cousin, the drug purchase was for Hurd, an accusation that was allegedly corroborated in three telephone conversations between the cousin and Hurd’s sister.

Hurd’s legal issues began with his arrest in December after an alleged attempt to arrange for the purchase of drugs from an undercover police officer and an informant at a Chicago restaurant. During the incident, Hurd was provided with 1 kilogram of cocaine. Once he reached his car with the drugs, he was arrested. After his indictment on the charges related to the incident, he was released, and he moved in with his sister in a southern state. The second offense in June led to another arrest, during which he allegedly failed a drug test for marijuana. His probation was subsequently revoked, and the prosecutors for the case are attempting to forfeit the $100,000 bond Hurd placed for his initial release. Hurd’s trial is set to begin on Oct. 9.

Sentences for drug charges can be extremely long, with first-time offenders often serving years in state or federal prisons. Those charged with drug offenses should be aware of the serious nature of any drug charge, whether they face a simple misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge or a felony charge of intent to distribute. It’s important to figure out if Hurd’s relatives are testifying against him to throw him under the bus.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Ex-Bears WR Hurd faces four more drug charges,” Ana Veciana-Suarez, Sept. 19, 2012